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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Enjoying how you lead your life and being content with what you make out of it is a key to happiness. Being a #companion had given me the chance to meet, touch, embrace, enjoy, learn from such a colorful spectrum of people. Living most of my life in #London and lately in #Dubai had really spoilt me rotten with experiences, memories and forming me who I really am.

I have this attitude of saying #YES to everything in life. So when one of my regular meets in #Dubai asked me to accompany him on a business travel to India my head went dizzy with excitement.

My first thought was - OMG! I shall eat real street food!!! I am a foodie and a firm believer great food is not only in fancy restaurants. So one can easily impress me with a hidden place and new specialities from a different part of the world. I LOOOOOVE it SPICy, very SPICY!

So here we are few days later on a three ours flight and two bottles of champagne landing in New Delhi - me with no landing card since the cabin crew I am local. It is due to my laf Asian heritage and it adds to being asked if I am Lebanese, Persian or even Chinese.

Delhi seems pretty relaxed in the middle of the night to what i was expecting. I fall in love with the country right away though. And this is when the fairy tale of chilled people and great food begins...

To be continued ....

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